Should You Use Tall Wedding Ceremony And Reception Centerpieces

Choosing Tall Ceremony & Reception Centerpieces not only leave more physical space for the flower arrangements to be full and beautiful. Filling tall, clear vases with orchids is a fantastic choice and very common with recent brides. Also, having big, bright, and beautiful arrangements with a sparkling clean water filled vase add simple elegance to any ceremony and reception table. Tall arrangements not only provide that “WOW” factor when guests enter your wedding ceremony and reception, it is a great way to fill larger sized venues and rooms that have taller ceilings. The height also allows guests to still see and converse with whoever else is at their table; as opposed to a big bundle of flowers replacing the head of the person sitting across from you. In addition to its grandeur and beauty, tall centerpieces give the bride more bang for the buck because they make great aisle runners as shown in the photo. Rather than looking at decorating your tables and aisles with separate flower arrangements, simply move the aisle runners to the wedding reception tables. The Venue in the photo is Occasions at Laguna Village in Laguna Beach, CA.